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Ask more customers for reviews with confidence
70% of your customers will say yes if you ask them for a review. With the comfort of our solution, you can ask for reviews confidently knowing that you're making it easy for the customer to leave you a review.

Key Features: 
  • Simply enter the customers name and number in the 2 Step Reviews app to send a review invitation.
  • The customer gets a text you can customize to ask for a review, with a link to your review landing page.
  • The customer simply has to click on the review site they want to review you on, and they are taken straight to where they leave a review.
Capture reviews on important sites like Google & Facebook
88% of consumers turn to online reviews before making a purchase. When you make it easy for them to leave a review, you'll get more reviews which, in turn, will increase your sales and marketing efforts across the board.

Key Features: 
  • Get the more reviews than the competition in your service area
  • Convert more customers who are researching your business online
  • Enjoy increased sales from people choosing you because your reviews are trustworthy.
Measure how your team is doing
73% of people find reviews over 3 months old no longer a useful representation of the business. You need to consistently get reviews to stay relevant. When you put 2 Step Reviews in your employees hands, you'll multiply your efforts. 

Key Features: 
  • Track how many review requests employees send
  • Track how many reviews employees get back
  • Easily create competitions to encourage employee performance and more positive reviews for your business.
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